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Employee Spotlight

Charles G., RN

Leading our Green Employee Resource Group in Sustainable Initiatives

Fresenius Medical Care's commitment is active and growing. Reducing paper waste, reusing shipping containers, reducing water usage, and recycling are just a few of the many actions Fresenius Medical Care and its employees are committed to.

  • Celebrating Earth Day Every Day

    For Charles, every day is Earth Day, marked by a simple ritual of sipping responsibly sourced coffee filtered through biodegradable materials. As a dedicated member of Fresenius Medical Care's Green Employee Resource Group (ERG), he embodies the spirit of environmental consciousness not just on Earth Day, but every day.

    Charles witnesses firsthand Fresenius Medical Care's active commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. From reducing paper waste to reusing shipping containers, the company continually strives to minimize its ecological footprint. "Fresenius Medical Care's commitment is active and growing," he affirms.

  • Empowering Change through the Green ERG

    Joining the Green ERG was a natural step for Charles, driven by a thirst for knowledge and a desire to apply it in his role at Fresenius Medical Care. Being part of the ERG has not only heightened his awareness but also influenced his perspective on sustainability in the workplace. "One person does make a difference," he asserts, emphasizing the ripple effect of individual actions.

    The Green ERG spearheads various initiatives to promote environmental awareness and sustainability within Fresenius Medical Care. Charles highlights the reduction of paper waste as a personal favorite project. By minimizing unnecessary printing, the company saves significant resources, contributing to a more sustainable future.

    Monthly learning opportunities and an active community on Viva Engage foster engagement and involvement among employees in sustainability efforts. Charles reflects on his personal and professional growth within the Green ERG, recognizing the power of small, consistent changes and the strength of teamwork towards common goals.

  • A Memorable Success Story: Cooling Clinics, Warming Hearts 

    One of Charles's most memorable achievements involves addressing a practical sustainability issue while enhancing patient comfort. By introducing window film to reduce heat absorption in clinics (pictured, left), he not only lowered utility bills but also improved the overall experience for patients, demonstrating the tangible impact of sustainability efforts. 

    Reflecting on his 12-year journey at Fresenius Medical Care, Charles emphasizes the company's familial culture and its unwavering commitment to patient care. His rewarding experiences, from witnessing successful transplants to learning sign language from patients, speak to the profound impact of his work. 

  • Beyond the Workplace: Embracing Life's Adventures

    Outside of work, Charles finds joy in exploring the wonders of the Tennessee Valley, spending time with family, fostering animals, and indulging in his passion for motorcycle rides.

    At Fresenius Medical Care, employees like Charles exemplify the company's dedication to sustainability, embodying the values of stewardship and environmental responsibility in their everyday actions. Join us in our mission to create a healthier, greener future for all.

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