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Fresenius Medical Care Embraces Remote Working to Support Colleagues During the Pandemic

2020 has brought about many changes for job seekers – one is the desire to work but remain at safe distance from coworkers.  We support this new "socially distant workspace" and have embraced remote working as a part of our new culture.  Where possible, we have transitioned positions to work remotely versus in one of our office settings. 

This may be a new concept for you as a job seeker - How do you perform a job remotely?  How do you engage with colleagues or work on group projects?  How do you remain connected to your leader and team?  All valid questions. We want to take the wonder out of what it means to work remotely at Fresenius Medical Care North America (FMCNA). 

What does it mean to be a remote worker?

Working remotely means you work outside of a traditional office.  For many, this means at home, but for others, it may mean working in a safe co-working space.  The work that needs to be done is very much the same as it would be in the office, the difference is the location in which you are completing this work. 

FMCNA has many positions that are currently working remotely.  Some of these roles may be completely remote, while others may have a hybrid model (remote some days/in the office some days).  For more information on the working condition for a role in which you are interested, please ask your recruiter during the interview.

How to stay productive while working remotely?

  • Get dressed - you don’t necessarily need to put on your best suit, but simply changing into something new will help set the tone for the day.
  • Set boundaries between work and home life Set time in the day for work and for after work, and stick to it.  It will make it easier to create separation between work and life. 
  • Take your lunch break away from the computer - Make a point to eat lunch in a new location, whether the kitchen or outside if weather permits.  This will allow your mind to take the needed break too. 
  • Set a schedule...and stick to it - start and end each workday at the same time and include regularly scheduled breaks.
  • Create a designated workspace - whether this is a specific chair, desk, or room, find a space that works for you and is your "work space" to set the mood.
  • Know your weaknesses and help yourself out -
    • Are you easily distracted? Getting ready for work in the morning may help get you in a professional mindset and noise-canceling headphones may also help quiet any distractions.
    • Having trouble differentiating between work and home life? Setting up a separate home office space may help, this doesn't always need to be a dedicated room but perhaps a portion of the dining room or some have even repurposed a closet.
    • Do you forget to take breaks? Try setting a timer to remind you to get up, get a drink or snack, and go for a walk. Adding a lunch break to your calendar helps as well.

More helpful advice from our FMCNA colleagues:

How does FMCNA stay connected?

Our teams have done an amazing job working "together" from a distance.  We use technology to help us connect with colleagues as well as external job seekers, partners, or vendors.  We also check in with each other and don't let too much time go by without talking about work projects or even what's happening with our pets or family.

  • Video meetings – not every meeting may require video, but it does help our team feel connected.  We've also found that video is sometimes easier than a standard phone call, there are fewer interruptions when you can see each other and fewer misunderstandings when you are able to see body language.
  • Chat messages – work texting as we like to call it.  Our colleagues are set up on Microsoft TEAMs which allows us to instant message or chat for those quick questions.
  • One on one meetings – we've found it helpful to have one on one time with our leaders and colleagues, a dedicated time to connect.
  • Kudos – we are definitely in this together and we offer not only to support each other, but we're also quick to give praise.  These small tokens of gratitude go a long way to brighten someone's day when the stress of work, family, or staying safe can get them down.
  • Team building – each team may handle this differently, but we encourage social time as a team.  Some may play a game, invite a guest speaker, or do a show and tell with their pets.  
  • Be open – the most important element to a remote workforce is being open.  We've created a culture where we encourage colleagues to ask for help and lean on a colleague when they need it. Be honest with your leader if you need to make adjustments or need guidance.  

What does the reality of working remotely look like?

Working remotely may not always be Pinterest worthy, we get that.  There may be a barking dog or curious toddler heard on a call, we may see a friendly cat pop in on the videos, or you may need to take a break to help with homeschooling and log back on at night.  We understand.  We want colleagues to talk with their leaders to be on the same page regarding their unique remote working situation.  Most importantly, please don't stress if a furry friend or family member is heard on a call.  It's not ideal, but it may be part of your new normal. As long as you can perform the job and accomplish the goals set by you and your leader, we don't mind the bark.

Speaking of calls, don't worry about what you look like on camera. Google ways to set up good lighting, backgrounds, and camera angles for video calls at home. Make sure your hair and makeup are decent in case of an on-camera call. Then just let it be. No need to worry about how you look. Just remember that at the end of the day, we are all here to work together.

Let’s hear from some of our remote colleagues:

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