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Graduate to a great career at Fresenius

Whether you are currently in school, are about to graduate or are completing an advanced degree, you’ll find opportunity here.


With clinical affiliation agreements at many community colleges and universities across the United States, Fresenius may be participating at campus events, offering clinical rotations or providing post-graduate employment to alumni at your school. Check with your school for program participation.

Vocational Training Programs This program currently includes placement of Patient Care Technicians from dialysis technician programs.

Clinical College and University Programs This program currently includes placement of Nurses, Dietitians and Social Workers.

Clinical Internship Programs Students may check with their schools to see if internship opportunities are available in their area. Learn more about the day-in-the-life of an intern and managers' expectations for interns.


Undergrad and Graduate Internship Programs

Search our internship opportunities to find a local internship that’s right for you.

At Fresenius, your education doesn’t end with your diploma. You’ll have access to comprehensive training and development programs, tuition reimbursement for future education, and a career path that allows you to continue your professional growth well beyond your graduation.