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Step inside the world of a Fresenius dialysis clinic intern

Chelsea, Fresenius Medical
Care Dialysis Clinic Intern

At Fresenius Medical Care North America (FMCNA), we believe in providing top-of-the-line patient care, and we work hard to ensure that all of our employees are equipped to be the best at what they do. From day one, we are committed to offering premier training to each and every one of our employees—interns included.

FMCNA internships are an immersive experience where students and recent graduates have the opportunity to take their classroom knowledge and match it with hands-on job training. With internships ranging from finance to patient care and everything in between, there is truly something for everyone. And with a team that truly wants to help you grow, the career advancement opportunities are boundless. Chelsea, Samantha and Rachel are completing clinical internships at some of the Fresenius dialysis centers. Their internships have proven to be very rewarding experiences, allowing them to develop their professional skills and to learn about a career in dialysis.

What does a typical day in the life of a Fresenius internship look like? We will hear from these interns on how their days go and what inspires them to come to work every day.    

“Everyone is very friendly, and at any point when someone has a question, someone is there to help out.”

Rachel, Fresenius Medical
Care Dialysis Clinic Intern


Our interns typically begin their days in the Fresenius clinics by prepping the machines, cleaning up around the space, and checking in with team members – anything that can be done to create a welcoming and efficient environment for our patients. The morning is a time to really set the tone for the day, and our interns do a great job preparing the day for success!


This is the time of day when the interns are checking the machines to make sure everything is running smoothly, checking in with patients, and chatting with staff about questions they may have. The full-time employee-intern relationship at Fresenius is one of the strongest. Our employees know how important it is to take time to explain things to our interns, and they are genuinely happy to help expand the intern’s knowledge of Fresenius and the dialysis treatments we administer.

End of day

The end of the day for our interns can be even more hectic than the morning or mid-day. This is when our interns make sure they have completed all of their tasks, saying goodbye to patients and making sure they provided all the necessary help for the day. It is just as important for our interns to end the day on a strong note as it is to begin on one.

So, what motivates an intern to want to come and work at Fresenius? Rachel credits her relationships with the patients, our staff and her desire to help make a difference. “The staff makes it so enjoyable to come in. I feel like I’m learning new things and I feel like I’m helpful, and that is the whole point of why I want to be here – to help the patients and the staff.”

“It’s an environment that cultivates learning and really brings out the best,” Samantha says. “They never make you feel like you’re inferior. They want to teach you what they know, because they’re the experts.”

Are you looking for a rewarding internship opportunity that allows you to gain real-world experience while working alongside the best of the best in dialysis care? Apply to join the Fresenius Medical Care team today.