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HR Specialist, Jennie, Shares Her Health Journey


Jennie, 36, is an HR Specialist in Concord, Calif., and the mother of three children. She has been with the company for six years. She has smoked cigarettes since she was a teenager, but she has been trying to quit for years. Now she says smoking is in her past.

In the last year, she has gone through lots of changes. She joined fitness club and signed up for an intensive interval cardio training program. In the past 11 months, she’s lost 35 pounds and wants to drop another 30.

Earlier this year she caught her 17-year-old son with cigarettes. Her mother, also a long-time smoker, told her son she would quit if he would. They both did.

“I struggled with it for a while,” Jennie said. “I’d quit and then start up again. Then three months ago I said if my mom can do it, I can too. It’s like a family thing because I want to set a good example for my three kids.”

Jennie took advantage of a smoking cessation program offered through a company health insurance plan. “It was an online tool that offered resources when I needed help to get past those urges to light up again.”

She even wore a nicotine patch, “but only for about two weeks, just to help me through the start of quitting. Soon I realized I only felt I needed the patch when I realized I wasn’t wearing it. Most of the time, I didn’t think about it.”

“For me, quitting smoking was about changing my routines,” Jennie said. “The habits of smoking in the car, or after a meal, or going outside during a break at work, these were all the things I had to do differently. Now, I don’t go outside at break time, instead I’ll have a coffee and a healthy snack. And I feel great.”

“The best part of quitting smoking and this weight-loss journey that I’m on is that I feel so much better and that makes me feel so good about myself,” Jennie said.

“Don’t ever give up on yourself,” Jennie said. “If you’re trying to quit, just keep trying. One of these times it’s going to stick.”