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Danielle C Employee Spotlight

Employee Spotlight

Danielle C.

Senior Kidney Care Advocate

FMC is a great place to work and provides numerous growth opportunities. I always tell the new hires, it's a challenging job but extremely rewarding and it gets easier with time.

  • My Career at Fresenius Medical Care: A Journey of Dedication

    Danielle joined Fresenius Medical Care in April 2020, bringing with her over 9 years of experience as a dialysis nurse. Danielle plays a crucial role in patient care at Fresenius Medical Care (FME), conducting chronic kidney disease classes for pre-dialysis patients and providing end-stage renal disease education to encourage home dialysis. Her days are dynamic, involving patient follow-ups, collaboration with nephrology offices and helping patients transition from early stages to appropriate dialysis access. Danielle is an integral part of FME's mission to achieve a 25% home dialysis rate by 2025, through educating her patients on the benefits of home dialysis for everyday living.

    Danielle currently holds an LPN license in New York state and is on her way to completing her bachelor's degree in business administration. The journey from dialysis nurse to Senior Kidney Care Advocate (KCA) in 2022 is a testament to her hard work and dedication. FME recognized her potential and enabled her growth and development through the organization's tuition reimbursement program to prepare her for a role in leadership. The support and resources available to Danielle at Fresenius Medical Care have played pivotal role in developing her career path.

  • Career Growth and Advice: Nurturing Success at Fresenius Medical Care

    Fresenius Medical Care has been instrumental in supporting Danielle's career growth. The company has provided advancement opportunities without a degree along with tuition reimbursement to facilitate her return to school. Danielle speaks highly of the encouragement received from upper leadership, emphasizing the collaborative spirit at FMC that fosters individual success.

    When asked about advice for RNs seeking career growth, Danielle emphasizes the abundance of opportunities at FME. In recommending Fresenius Medical Care as an employer, Danielle highlights the exceptional support for employee growth and development. The company's commitment to individual success, through programs like The Academy, which offers courses for professional and skills development, creates an environment where employees feel valued and integral to the company. For Danielle, the approachability of the CEO, Helen Giza, adds to the positive work culture, making FME stand out as an employer of choice. 

  • Being a “Kidney Coach” 

    KCAs like Daniel play a vital role coaching those who are newly diagnosed with chronic kidney disease. As the first point of contact with many new patients, her role is to help them understand and navigate this life-changing process. KCAs educate patients about what’s happening in their bodies, how to manage their health, and what treatments are available should they need to start dialysis or consider a transplant. 
    Much of that education comes from the hour-long kidney disease education class that Danielle and other KCAs teach regularly. The class covers basics of chronic kidney disease and available treatment options. Danielle makes it a point to check in with attendees after her classes to give her patients a chance to ask questions as they figure out what treatment options will best fit their lifestyle. Once a patient begins treatment, they are assigned a care team for ongoing education and support. 
    As a former dialysis nurse, Danielle feels well-suited to answer patient questions and help them understand how their kidneys function. Not all KCAs are former nurses though. Some have worked as patient care technicians, social workers, dietitians, and more. At Fresenius Kidney Care, the most important qualification is being an educator, a reliable point of contact, and an encouraging source of support — in other words, a “Kidney Coach.”

  • The Impact of a Job Well Done

    Danielle is rewarded by the positive results she sees from her work with those in the early stages of their chronic kidney disease diagnosis. She shares a story of a man who was headed toward kidney failure but wasn’t ready to start dialysis. After learning more about eating well and the importance of a kidney-friendly diet during one of the classes Danielle leads, he took the information she shared and talked to his doctor. He began a new diet and exercise plan that helped him lose 30 pounds. That weight loss helped to slow the progression of his kidney failure. 
    The people Danielle educates are often often share their gratitude for the coaching she provides. One former student sent a holiday note that read, “Well, it has been five months since you helped us through everything; I just wanted to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you and your family are doing well.” 
    Danielle loves her role in helping people understand their chronic kidney disease diagnosis and their treatment options, saying, “This job is super impactful and rewarding.” 

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