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Employee Spotlight: Bailey M.

Travel RN

Bailey is a Vital Part of Fresenius Medical Care

When did you join Fresenius Medical Care?
I started working for Fresenius Medical Care in 2016 at 19 years old as a PCT. My mother-in-law already worked for the company and told me it would be good experience while I went through nursing school and she was right!
How do you remember your first days with us?
My exact first memory as a PCT was "I have to stick needles?!"
What kind of support and resources were available during your onboarding? 
I started out in a small eight-chair clinic filled with very experienced staff who never hesitated to make me feel comfortable or answer my endless questions. It's because of those employees that I am as competent today as I am.
Do you have any advice for new employees joining our organization?
My biggest advice would be to ask lots of questions and to remember it will get easier to understand each shift.
How would you describe the company culture at Fresenius Medical Care?
I would say each clinic is different in their own way, but the thing they all have in common is how much they care for their patients and each other.
Can you share an experience where you felt your skills were developed or valued?
The experiences I gained as a CCHT helped me through nursing school and in my current career as an RN, I was able to understand lab values, heparin dosing, cannulation etc., all before my first day of classes.
Can you share a rewarding experience you've had during your time here?
My most rewarding experience during my time in dialysis was back when I was a technician. The clinic I worked for had gotten about four transplants, all in one year, to very deserving patients. Being able to see patients who had been on dialysis for five plus years get their kidney was something I won't forget.
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